Christmas in Münich

We spent last christmas in Münich, Germany. It seems to be our thing to spend christmas somewhere else than home. No stress and when I get to be a tourist, the crowd doesn’t bother me. I’m just part of it. Anyway, the city was beautiful. We wandered around it just enjoying the view and christmas markets, did some shopping, watched a circus show at Tollwood winter festival, tasted gühwein and since we were in Germany, the cars were on a focus for a major part of the time.

One of the highlights was the day in Therme Erding spa. We decided, that we wanted to have sauna for christmas day and after a quick search and a consultation from the hotel reception we agreed that Therme Erding it is. And it was totally worth going! It was about one hour train ride from Münich central railway station. They had a separate sauna paradise with 25 different kind of saunas. Geyser-sauna, salt room, citrus-sauna and plenty of jacuzzis… just to mention something. We even peeked into the regular spa side, but returned immediately to the sauna heaven, since the purpose of the day was to relax. And that’s what we did!

The only thing I was just a bit disappointed during that trip, was food. I had dreamed of eating everyday in beer gardens, but as a vegetarian, I couldn’t really find anything to eat in those. So, we had to settle mainly for italian food, which is delicious too. But at least beer was delicious everywhere. We even had our christmas eve dinner at central railway station, where he had doner kebab and I had potato wedges. I find that a bit hilarious, since in Finland christmas eve and that dinner is quite a big deal. After our gourmet dinner we went to our hotel room and opened all our two gifts.

Like I said, Münich is a beautiful city. And I like the look of all the bildings. We also took a subway to a district called Neuhausen, where all the old houses are gorgeous.

These two pics are from the city centre.

Cars are cool. And since they are his passion, we went through both transport museum and BMW-world and -museum. I may have even learnt something new during those days.

I find something very picturesque in railway- and subway stations. And in Münich, the subway stations were super cool.

We spent the second last day by the Alps. We took train to the city called Füssen. And from there a bus to the castle of Neuschwanstein. That castle is said to be a model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. The place was crowded but the castle was worth to see.

We only had like half an hour to spend in Füssen before the train left back to Münich. That looked like a beautiful small town, so maybe someday I wanna go back there..



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