DIY Film Reel Lampshade out of Film Strips

I like to make lamps. We already have quite a bit of them and we only have two rooms! I may have to stop making lamps for a while..

This one is completely my self designed and I really like it.

This is how the process from a fuzzy idea to a finished lamp went:

  • “I wanna make something out of film strips.”
  • “Hmm.. Of course that something has to be a lamp!”
  • I went to a recycling centre to find a suitable frame and this one literally walked by me. I saw a man carrying it towards the backroom. I followed him and found out that the frame was on its way to a dumpster. Phew.. perfect timing!
  • Next I needed the material to provide the film strips a surface to attach. I found out that a thick self adhesive lampshade panel is the best solution.
  • The shape of the frame reminded me of an old-fashioned film reel, so I decided to try to make it look like one.IMG_0266 copy
  • I got some white plastic board from a hardware store for the bottom and cover.
  • Then I just put it together: Cut and hot glued the plastic discs to the frame. (It doesn’t look too much like a film reel, so maybe a little further design would have made it look more like one.) Next I taped the self adhesive material to the fame, removed the release paper and sticked the film strips on. Finally I finished it with dark tape on the edges and a little narrower dark tape to line the holes. Unfortunately I only have this one photo of the production process.

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