DIY MouseLamp

And another upcycled lamp is ready! Except now I can only take the credit for the design. We put this together with my dad and my father-in-law. This Marimekko mouse was on its way to dumpster. My dad saved it and asked if I wanted to make something out of it. And lamp it is!

I wanted to make it look like the mouse was just lifted up from the mouse pad. So my old Marimekko mouse pad was just suitable to cover the actual support of the lamp (which is a 3mm metal plate). A led panel was inserted to the hole where the ball used to be. It is even made so that the light can be switched on and off using the left and right button of the mouse. A very thin metal pipe keeps the mouse lifted and actual wire goes through it. We finally bended the pipe and painted it black to make it look more like an electric wire. And voilá!


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